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March 22, 2012


Kelly Slogar

Hi, my lifelong friends and I, we call ourselves the Ya Yas, were the punch buggy green hippie bus ~ we all meet somewhere at least once a year, usually Deep Creek cuz it is central to most of us ~ one comes from Chicago, one from Kentucky, two from Fredricksburg and the rest of us are from an hour North of Pittsburgh, our hometown ~ thanks for including us in your favorite sled photos ~ do you, or someone you know, have a video of us going doing the hill? Our video didn't turn out :( It was a great event, and we too, are thinking and praying for those in the accident. Thanks, Kelly

Pamela Wolford

Hi, I'm one of the ladies from the green punch buggy! We were excited to see that we made your blog. We are a group of nine women who all grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. We have been lifelong friends and meet yearly to celebrate life. We decided to meet in Deep Creek this year and then found out about the race. We hauled the supplies from four different states and built the bus on Friday. We are all hoping that the people in the crash are recovering. Most of us are moms, several are teachers, and all of us have worked with young people. We send our good energy and wonderful spirit to all.

Paula Thomas

HI Kelly & Pam! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I thought you all did a great job on the VW and it looked like you were having tons of fun. Girl time rocks!! I don't have video of the race and haven't found anyone that does yet. If I do I will certainly let you know. Keep having fun!

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